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East Providence Paint & Wallpaper


As a small family-owned business, we offer a large selection of the highest quality paints, stains, painting supplies, detailing products, and seasonal products for any project you may have!

High Quality Paints

We offer California® Brand Paints manufactured locally in Massachusetts.  California® Paint has been rated #1 Paint year after year by the nation's leading Consumer Reporting Magazine "on its ability to withstand years of accelerated weathering and resist mildew, color change, and dirt."  This is the only line of paint that has been sold in East Providence Paint & Wallpaper since 1955.

Perfect Pallette® Custom Paint Tinting

We offer over 1000 custom colors on display,  or you can bring in a sample of any color you currently have for our color matching software to match for you!

Radiator Enclosures

Kustom® Radiator covers work to improve the heating of the living area that they are located, as well as reduce heating costs by providing more efficient heat distrubution.  They also protect from radiator burns and enhance the visual appearance of your home.  We also offer assembly and painting services of your Kustom® Radiator Enclosures. 

Brushes & Rollers

Elder and Jenks® is our primary brand for brushes and roller covers to make any painting project simple and successful. The rollers are lint-free for a quality paint finish on your project.  We also offer Purdy®  and Wooster® brands as well!

Caulking & Adhesives

We have a selection of caulking, contact cement, and epoxies that will be able to assist in any project!

Project Prep Tools

We offer a large variety of project preparation tools for your home improvement project from caulking guns and putty knives to painter's tape, drop cloths, sandpapers, and much more!

Cleaning Supplies & Pest Control

We offer a variety of cleaning products for your home including hardwood floors, glass, and bathroom cleaning products.  In addition, we also have chemicals to prevent mice, ants, and bees!

Seasonal Items

When you decide to finally stop working on your home improvement projects, we offer a variety of seasonal items that include: leaf bags and lawn rakes for the fall, as well as snow shovels, snow scrapers, and ice melt for the winter, when Mother Nature gives you a project to do!

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